3 Creative Ways to Customize Your Carport

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If you are scouring for excellent alternatives to a regular garage, carports can be your best option. With its versatility in design, superb functionality and affordability, even homeowners with garages want to avail of a portable carport. A carport is usually used for car and equipment storage, but you can turn your basic carport into a space for relaxation and recreation with some additions and changes.

At Bendigo Carports, we deliver tailor-made and top-quality carport solutions to our clients in the city. Since we have extensive years in the field, we offer a variety of carports specifically engineered to meet our customers’ unique specifications and preferences. Don’t be frightened to think outside the box and discover the other uses of this structure. Our team have curated some creative ways on how you can maximize the use of your carports. Check them out and determine if you can also apply for the carport you plan to buy or the ones that you already have at home.

Add Siding

If you just want a simple modification for your carport, you can add siding to it. By adding a siding, you can change the way your carport look and enhance its strength and durability. However, before you add it, you have to consider what type of carport you have so that it can match its look and functionality.

Various carport siding materials are offered in the market, but some of the most sought-after options are heavy duty nylons and simple canvas covers. These materials can help provide protection to your carport in case it is exposed to heavy rains or snow and strong winds. On the other hand, if you would rather have a steel or aluminium carport, it might be best to choose a metal siding that can match the roofing structure of your carport and enhance the protection your carport provides.

Create a home gym

Waking up early to peacefully work out in a quiet gym can be a tiring routine for some. People might also skip a workout day because their gym is closed due to maintenance issues. For those tired of travelling to the gym every day and who want to have access to one any time they prefer, you can try setting up a simple gym in your beautiful backyard. You can get your favourite workout equipment such as your treadmill, weights and squat rack outside and install them under a reliable carport.

You can also find other alternatives in your home for those who don’t have this workout equipment. You can also set up mats if you wish to have a relaxing yoga time while taking in the scenic views in your area.

Build an outdoor theatre

If you want to change the way you enjoy movie nights, why not set up an outdoor theatre in the comfort of your carport? With a projection screen, television or laptop, surround speakers and wireless technology, you can conveniently binge-watch your favourite shows, enjoy the new series or be spooked with classic horror movies under a carport theatre. If the weather is too cold, you can also install portable heaters inside to make the space extra cozy. Adding comfy couches and fluffy pillows is also an excellent idea to create a haven for relaxation for your family and friends.