What Should You Choose Between a Metal and Wooden Carport?

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A carport is a great alternative to a standard garage because it can also shield and secure your automobile from the harsh elements and ever-changing weather conditions. The functionality it can offer you is just the same as a garage, but you can definitely save more time and money because it is easier to install and more affordable.

At Bendigo Carports, we offer a wide variety of material options to our customers who wish to have a carport in their homes. Since you will be sifting through various material options, you might find it hard to decide what material best fits your unique requirements. It is important to carefully consider essential factors such as their budget and the functionality and aesthetic appeal they want to attain.

Does this seem challenging for you? Don’t worry because our friendly experts got your back! To help you out, our team decided to compare metal and wooden carports. Look into the advantages of each of the carport materials we recommend so you can determine which one is best for your car and property.

Metal Carports

Many residents in Ballarat have switched to metal carports through the years because it is more cost-efficient than regular garages. Its sleek and minimalist finish is a practical choice for storing vehicles and other valuable equipment. So if you plan to install a carport on your property, check out the upsides of a metal carport below.

Easy to Install

Metal carports usually come in ready-to-assemble kits. Since each part of the metal carport is precisely pre-cut, you can just piece them together by yourself. With the right nuts and bolts and quick DIY tutorial, you can install your metal carport in just a couple of hours. Besides that, you can also disassemble and moved a metal carport to another location easily. So if you are just renting your place or planning to go on a road trip with friends, you can just take the carport with you and assemble it again.


The durability of metal carports is one of the leading reasons why many homeowners prefer them. Since they are manufactured using galvanized steel, they will not easily succumb to corrosion, extreme weather conditions and harsh elements. Besides that, it is impervious to fire and insect infestations, so you can use it for decades without worrying about replacements and repairs.

Low Maintenance

Compared to wooden carports, metal ones do not need staining or repainting every few years because they will not rot and warp. Since metal carports are hardwearing and long-lasting, it doesn’t really need regular upkeep and repairs.

Wooden Carports

Wooden carports are also a popular choice for those people who wish to attain a classic aesthetic appeal for their carports. Some may want their carports to look as if it is a part of their home, so they prefer to use wood. Check out the other advantages of wooden carports.

Natural Insulator

Unlike metal, wood is a great natural insulator. That is why wooden carports are famous for those who want to convert their carports into a garden workshop because it helps retain heat and keeps things dry.

Aesthetically Pleasing

If you have a traditionally designed home, a wooden carport will look more aesthetically pleasing because of its natural grain and colour. It also gives off a warm and welcoming curb appeal to your space so it can effortlessly blend into your existing landscape and theme.


Wooden carports are also customizable, but it has a significantly lower upfront cost compared to metal ones. With the help of a professional team, you can choose what roof pitch, wood finish, and roof finish you prefer for your carports.