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Patios in Bendigo

When looking to add something to your property that will allow you to also enjoy the outdoor space, a patio is a prime choice. Patios have a variety of styles that you can choose from to make them not only functional against different elements but visually appealing as well. Aside from this, patios make for a cost-friendly alternative to refurbishing your property or need to increase the usable space in your exterior areas. Once you decide to have a patio added, you will need to consider the different style options and benefits that can come with it.


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Different Styles of Patios

Patios can be a versatile structure in terms of design and what surface it can be applied. Some of the materials that it can be applied on include gravel, concrete, tile, sand. With patio designs, there are different options that include conventional, flyover, and skydome to choose from along with different features to consider. 

A traditional type of patio design you can choose is the conventional patio which has a flat roof and standard pillars while attached to the home. You can have this structure type in different materials and with the right service, it should stand well against different weather conditions. Another thing to note with a general patio design is that the cover should have aerodynamics similar to those of a plane’s wing, and you should choose a brand that won’t flex in high winds.

Want something a little more distinct? You can have this with a flyover patio which features approximately 700mm of extra head height across the entire patio roof. While the extra height can ensure good ventilation, it would be best to consult on whether your property can handle this type of patio. For something that is more versatile and less likely to be compromised if it does not work with your property, it is best to go with a gable patio. 

Gable patios are similar to gable pergolas in that the rafters are cut at angles and meet in the middle of the construction at a ridge which you can have to reflect the structure of your roof. The difference with a gable patio is that you can have the addition of  ‘wings’, otherwise known as a flat section on either side of the gable. With wings, you can have better waterproofing ensured. If you want something unique but still covers the benefits that comes with a patio though, then you will want a skydome patios.

There are three features to skydome patios that make them different to other patios. Unlike other patios, this patio design can be incorporated into other patio types and can vary in shape and size to accommodate this feature. It features a more natural light under your patio than traditional light panels or skylights and contains a different ventilation system. The system cools your patio by allowing hot air to be drawn out.

Other types of patio designs that you can choose to have include a combination type or a deck and cover type. Along with the general patio design, you may also need to consult on the type of roofing you would like to have. Given the different options that you can have with a patio, you will need a reliable professional service in order to have the best patio type attached to your home.

Why Choose Bendigo Carports to Create Your Patios

We at Bendigo Carports understand that each residence is different and will ensure that all your patio needs are met. We offer a wide selection of patio options featuring a selection of finishes, design details, and materials to meet your budget needs. Having years of experience under our best, you can be assured that our professionals will help determine what patio works best for you and deliver hassle-free results. If you wish to know more about our services or have a consultation on initial plans, you may contact us via our hotline or online.